Colonel Chuck Young, Commanding

Lt. Colonel John Kopich, Battalion Commander

Major George Cavallone, Battalion Commander

Second to None!


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Capt. Mike Barycki    Adjutant
Sgt. Major Andy Macomber jr    Sergeant Major
Capt. Mike Chambers  Provost
Capt. Jim Rothenberger    Ordnance Officer
Capt. Les Salsbury  Regimental Quartermaster
Sgt. Glenn Salsbury  Quartermaster Sergant
Sgt. Matt Marine    Principal Musician
Sgt. Don Lopuzzo    Clerk/Bugler
John Peterson    Regimental Sutler

Attention to Orders 
(Orders from the Command Staff will appear here.)
    The 2nd Regiment's Soldier of the Year is:
   Pvt. Christian Tloczynski of the 8th NJ

Maximum Effort Events - 2017


USV Battalion Drill Manual

USV Infantry Officer Sword Drill

Line Companies

1st COMPANY, Capt. Scott Eller, Commanding

69th Pennsylvania Infantry


2nd COMPANY, Capt. Joe Bilardello, Commanding

67th New York Infantry


3rd COMPANY, Capt. Don Hixson, Commanding

2nd Rhode Island Infantry, Co. F

141st Pennsylvania Infantry

64th New York Infantry


4th COMPANY, Capt. Allan Johnson, Commanding

8th New Jersey Infantry

     44th New York Infantry (provisional)


5th COMPANY, Capt. Gary Prohaska, Commanding

50th Pennsylvania Infantry

143rd New York Infantry

104th Pennsylvania Infantry

6th COMPANY, Capt. Matt Belcastro, Commanding

7th New Jersey Infantry, Co. A

2nd Rhode Island Infantry, Co. D


7th COMPANY, Capt. Matt Bray, Commanding

3rd Maine Infantry, Co. A


8th COMPANY, Capt. Casey Chuhinka, Commanding

71st Pennsylvania Infantry


9th COMPANY, Capt. Rick DePamphilis, Commanding

           7th New Jersey, Co. D

10th COMPANY, Capt. Don Arns, Commanding

95th New York Infantry

5th New York Infantry

123rd New York Infantry

144th New York Infantry


Civilian Coordinator

Contacts: Elaine White