Major Marcus Ridell, Commanding
1st Lt. James Thompson, Adjutant
Capt. Mark Zavlavsky, Regimental Surgeon
1st Lt. David Boyel, Safety/Ordinance
1st Sergeant Tom Feeney, Senior NCO

Corporal David Lavely, Commissary/Quartermaster
Janette Waters, Civilian Coordinator
2018 Sharpshooter of the Year
Private Richard Simmons
Co. B 1st Regt.
US Sharpshooters


FIRST COMPANY Captain Ben Bosley, Commanding
SECOND COMPANY Capt. Michael Eastman, Commanding

 Events 2019:

2019 Campaign Schedule - The Sharpshooters have designated the following events as our 2019 Campaign Schedule.
*March 2-3 - School of the Soldier held at the Gettysburg Fire Department.  SUPPORTING
*April 22-23 - Lincoln Funeral Train. Held at the Elizabethtown Star Barn Village. SUPPORTING
*May 3-5 - Neshaminy - focusing on the Wilderness -SUPPORTING
*May 18-19 - New Market - MAX EVENT
*Sept 21-22 - Zoar - Focusing on the Wilderness - MAX EVENT
*Oct 5-7 Valley Event - SUPPORTING
*Oct 19-20 - Cedar Creek - MAX EVENT
*Nov 23 - Remembrance Day.