The Keith Prohaska Memorial Scholarship

Keith (standing in rear), then clockwise are Reggie, myself and Chuck Cole.

Keith Prohaska was 1st Sgt. of the 50th PVI, being elected to the position when Tim Kuntz (the 50th's first diamond) was promoted to Sgt. Major of the USV. Keith was with the 50th from the beginning in 1991 until his passing in 1996. He was an avid reenactor and a good friend. He was keenly interested in keeping young folks interested in our hobby, since, as he often put it "we ain't gettin' any younger". So, when his family donated funds to the 50th, we decided not to spend this money on the unit, but to offer it in the form of a scholarship. The requirements, simply, are that the recipient be a member of a USV unit, be a reenactor with a genuine interest in the craft, and be pursuing some form of continuing education - usually college or trade school which carries expense beyond the public school system. The scholarship amount varies according to how much funding is available.

Traditionally, we have offered $250.00, which the USV has graciously matched, creating a $500.00 stipend. The scholarship is awarded each year at the Annual USV Banquet. The award is based solely on the merit of applications received.

Application Form
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Applications are due back to me by Christmas Day for award the following January. To remain impartial in selection, the apps are reviewed by a history teacher at our local high school (who happens to be my neighbor). Since he knows history, and education in general, but no individuals in the USV, he makes the perfect reviewer. The scholarship has been awarded each year since 1996 except one, when no applications were received. We plan to continue it as long as funds are available.

Applications should be mailed before Dec. 25th to:
Linda Dussinger 122 James St. Elizabethville, Pa. 17023