Field & Staff

Commander Brig. Gen. David Childs
Chief-of-Staff Col. Ray Manzi
Asst. Chief-of-Staff Lt.Col. Rick Karlowsky
Asst. Adjutant General Lt.Col. Larry Golding
Quartermaster Lt.Col. Ken Aldous
Provost Marshall Lt.Col. Doug Slagel
Chief of Couriers Lt.Col. Sam Grant
Aide-de-Camp Capt. Kris Gunvalsen

Staff Responsiblities

Headquarters Management:

Lt.Col. Larry Golding, Asst. Adjutant General

DUTIES: Orders, Schedules, Parades, Colors, Music, Commissary, Mapping, Chaplin

Brigade Logistics:

Lt.Col. Ken Aldous, Quartermaster

DUTIES: Camp Layout, Supplies, Water, Hay, Straw, Wood, Latrines, Equipments

Brigade Safety & Security:

Lt.Col. Doug Slagel, Provost Marshall

DUTIES: Medical, Security, Inspections, Guards, Traffic

Brigade Communications:

Lt.Col. Sam Grant, Chief of Couriers

DUTIES: Couriers, Signal Corps, Equestrian Services, Bugler, HQ Colors

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