The United States Volunteers, Inc. (USV) provides an association of living history organizations that portray military units and civilian personnel from the period of the American Civil War, in order to perpetuate and extend the knowledge of that period through the medium of living history and reenactments of military battles.
The member units of the USV are themselves individual living history groups, thus making the USV a national umbrella organization for the command structure, coordination, and collaboration of like minded historians.
The USV is a Not For Profit organization.

The USV is a Union combined forces army brigade command comprised of three infantry regiments, artillery batteries, and a civilian organization. Each of these contingents is further comprised of individual member units.

Follow the links to the command elements to see listings of the individual member units along with links to member unit websites and contact information.

The USV is a US 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization.
Charitable tax deductible donations are welcomed.

Your contributions support and sustain our public mission
of historic education, emulation, and commemoration.

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